Mikhail Degiorgio

Hi, my name is Mikhail, and I'm an experienced freelance photographer since 2015 and a photography enthusiast since I was a little boy.
Qualified with a Diploma in Professional Photography, I can assure you that life memories will be beautifully captured and preserved forever.
I love photography and being around people, so I can say this is my ideal work. Say Cheese Media, is a small owned business. I'm the only photographer, so I maintain absolute control over the quality of work that leaves my business. My priority is providing the highest-quality photos and personal service, rather than the unending expansion of our business. I support local businesses and charities with the donation of raffle and auction prizes. If you are involved in local fund-raising, let me know how I can help. People say I'm a fun, relaxed and efficient photographer and I pride myself on achieving beautiful and relaxed photos gently and unobtrusively. I believe people buy people, so before you decide to book my services, please give me a call so we can meet to see if we are the right media services for you.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Vangel Pandeliev

Hello everybody!
My name is Vangel Pandeliev and for the last couple of years I dedicated my time to videography. 

I believe that capturing image and sound is a great way to memorise the most important moment in life and I am sure this is the reason why you are reading this. Both of them can bring you back 
there making you feel again the energy, emotion, a missed smile or a song that you used to love 
back in these days.

The funniest part is that one sunny day around year 2050 you will find yourself cleaning your drawer and will see covered in dust a fancy box containing a flash drive. 
My dream is to make a video of you and your grandchildren while watching the wedding video which I shot on your wedding day!
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